Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Time went on since that last puff. Now in Junior High School I was looking for cool things to do, say and wear in order to fit in. I remember the cool most popular guys had side burns, wore penny loafers with Adler socks, tight fitting navy bell bottom jeans, wore some cologne and smoked. I thought I would be cool to so I did all of those things except wearing the side burns, I did not have a whisker on my face. The pack of those old pall mall cigarettes got smoked and now I was into the Marlboro's. I gained an appreciation for Dante and Jade East cologne, I thought I would camouflage the smell of the smoke. At that time you could go into any bowling alley or restaurant and buy a pack of smokes out of the machine for .35 cents. You just waited until no one was around, dropped your coins, grabbed the smokes and ran like hell. We used to go in the back of Bonneville Junior High School between classes and during lunch and have a smoke. One day a friend of mine and I were having a smoke and the Vice Principal came around the corner and caught us. I sat in his office while he called my mother and let her know what I had done. Two weeks later a letter from the Utah State Juvenile Court showed up in the mail box addressed to my mother. It was a smoking ticket. She shared it with me which resulted in me having to pay the court $15.00. Needless to say, I continued to smoke.

My last year of Junior High I became friends with a guy named Ken. He played the organ and had all the nice amplifiers and microphone's needed for a band. I played the drums and had a nice Ludwig black pearl drum set that my parents bought for me. Ken and I hooked up and practiced together mostly at his house. It was nice to go to Ken,s house because his mother worked so we smoked in side the house. We latter joined a rock and roll band with two other guys that were much older that went to Skyline High School. One played the bass guitar and the other the lead guitar. We were all cool guys jamming and smoking. We even got so good that we were playing at LDS church dances and making $20.00 each. Latter on the group broke up and we all went our own directions but I continued to smoke and was now addicted to cigarettes. Continued.

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